About Us

A-Line Processing

A-Line Processing Inc. was created to provide metal finishing services to the aerospace industry as a one-stop process facility. The primary objective of A-Line Processing Inc is to reduce the lead times. The company specializes in processing aluminum and stainless steel alloys material.

A-Line Processing Inc. provides the following services:

  • Non-Destructive Testing (FPI and MPI )
  • Shot Peen Cleaning
  • Stress Relief (heat treatment operation)
  • Passivation
  • Chrome Free Anodizing
  • and application of various paints

We provide our clients with proven solutions. The processes are applied in our modern facilities designated for a wide range of processing capabilities.


The facility is a free standing building located in Brampton industrial zone at 155 Sun Pac Boulevard in Brampton, Ontario which is in proximity to the major highways and Pearson International Airport, as well as to the areas from which the necessary Human Resources are available.

The building is equipped with Tower Material Storage System, overhead crane and shipping receiving dock, providing better material control and segregation.


A-Line Processing

We provide our clients the most innovative solutions and state of the art facilities and techniques, designated for wide range of processing capabilities.

We offer a full range of NTD inspection, shot peen cleaning, passivation, anodizing and painting.

Core Industries We Serve

Aerospace – 70%
Defense – 20%
Nuclear – 10%


The Mission

We strive to achieve your project goal providing you with high quality and little worries.

The Philosophy

Quality Builds Customer Loyalty

Our Promise

With our high quality products and passionate staff, we will strive to satisfy your every demand.

Privacy Policy

We can assure the complete most privacy of each order from our customers. This is a statement we live by.

Message From Our President

“A-Line Aerospace is dedicated to giving our customers the finest precision machining and processing services in North America and Europe. Our parts can be found in business jets, commercial airplanes, military jets around the world, deep space satellites and deep undersea on our submarine search equipment hardware.”